Life Choices – A DH Video Project

Life Choices – A DH Video Project

As part of our assessment in our Concepts and Collaborations in Digital Humanities I module we were tasked with creating “an open access digital artefact that remediates, recontextualises, retells, or invents a traditional story.” and with this myself and my group, which consisted of Eoin Long and Luke Crowley, decided to create a video based around a major problem in our city of Cork, drug abuse. The aim of this project was to create an open access, digital artifact that dealt with a traditional story. The story we covered was that of taking drugs and the adverse effects it has on your life.

Using a myriad of different cameras and editing tools we created a video that we titled “Life Choices” as we felt it encompassed everything we were trying to portray in our short film. While dealing with the complex issue of drug abuse we also wanted to encapsulate open access into our project. We did this by using OA software to create our video, we uploaded it to an open access database in the form of YouTube and also, the information portrayed in this film is accessible to all and shows the dangers of drug use which also ties it into the open access bracket in which information is available to all that want it.

We met up after it was announced that we were in a group together and started throwing ideas around and eventually settled on an app idea that involved photographers and film makers who wanted to share ideas, equipment, and work on projects together being able to get together in an easy manner. However, after discussing this further we soon realised that this would not be feasible in our short time frame so then we came up with the idea for our short film instead.

Over the course of the next few days, we got our equipment together and started filming by borrowing cameras off relatives, using my crutches, that I had due to a foot injury, as tripods, and finding a location that our good friend, Arlene Murray, provided for us. For the most part, we had two if not three cameras running at once to get the same shots at different angles and after about 4-5 hours and nearly losing all our shots from one camera due to memory card corruption we had all the shots we needed. The next few days were spent editing and after everyone was happy I started work on the audio track using music from an artist called Sombear and a city sounds track. After it was cut and edited together we sat down and overlayed the track on the video and made some adjustments so that everyone was happy completing the video portion of the project.

We uploaded the video to a YouTube account we created called “DH Video Projects” and created a slideshow to present to our class along with the video.

Overall, I’m delighted with how everything turned out and I would like to thank Eoin Long and Luke Crowley for working so hard to get this done and also, Arlene Murray for providing location and Eoin O’Connor for providing his phone for the phone scene.


Here’s the finished product and a collection of behind the scenes images;


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