Twessay No.2 – “Storytelling” – A Critical Response

Twessay No.2 – “Storytelling” – A Critical Response

The idea of storytelling is one of those topics that can have a different meaning for everyone who comes across it. However, one thing that every person says while discussing what it is and what it’s about is that it conveys a message, whatever language they speak or culture they come from, a good story can resonate with all.

After reading all the Twessays on Storify, I found that while they all had their own points and an interesting approach to the topic, the majority of them settled on the same point – the evolution of storytelling.

Denis Vaughan’s Twessay interested me as it referenced how the “richness and values” of storytelling are staying true to themselves while the platforms they are shared on are ever-changing. However, I wouldn’t fully agree with this as even though the ideals are similar to that of the past, using stories to portray a particular message, nowadays stories are becoming bigger more theatrical specticals with our advancements in technology. This would make one question if the ideals of storytelling are being warped with the change of times and the introduction of new and more explosive ways of telling stories. In a sense, this is already happening with the likes of brain dead action films hitting the scene and smashing the box office year after year, films that don’t have a strong, structured storyline but instead have explosions and car chases to break the movie up and bring it to a conclusion where the hero/heroine either lives or dies. It is stories such as these that make us wonder is the concept of storytelling under attack and in the future will we have no intellectually based stories to pass onto our children?

Dannielle O’Sullivan’s Twessay caught my eye as she used different emojis to get her point across. While referencing the evolution of storytelling from verbal to written to the newest form of interactive storytelling in video games and interactive documentaries, she also encompassed the advancements in storytelling such the use of emojis to get across what you’re trying to say in a small icon. This use of icons helps people to express themselves in new ways and even create stories through this new medium which can then be posted all over the world on the likes of Twitter and Facebook. While they are not exactly full blown stories, they still help deliver news about the persons life in a concise way to their nearest and dearest and also, people they’ve never met. It’s a brand new, exciting way of storytelling!

In my own Twessay, I also referenced the evolution of storytelling but I included how they are delivered to their audience worldwide. These new ways of sharing stories can be seen through many different platforms such as e-books, films, and even through emojis! These can then be shared worldwide to almost anyone which would have been unheard of 20 years ago unless it was a large scale production. These new ways of sharing stories worldwide are truly the future!


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